Cut Flowers

Specialty Cut Flowers

Let Deep Harvest Farm dress up your special occasion with our organic certified, field grown, farm fresh cut flowers. We grow, harvest, and arrange specialty flowers here on our Whidbey Island farm to maximize vase life and beauty of all our stems and bouquets.

We provide our organic flowers for Whidbey weddings, receptions, and celebrations of all kinds.  We arrange bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages, covering all your needs for the happy day!
For a more affordable option, we also gladly provide freshly cut flowers by the bucket. We are serious about raising flowers in a sustainable manner that encourages ecosystem health. We don’t use pesticides or other chemicals in growing our precious blooms. The results are vibrant, productive and beautiful blossoms that we all can feel good about.
Give a call or email for a free consultation and we’ll get your gorgeous party started together!

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