Our Seeds

IMG_0615.jpgGood News for 2017! We’re expanding our friendly seed empire. This year you can find Deep Harvest Seed racks at West Seattle Nursery (Seattle), Urban Farm and Garden (Seattle), Sky Nursery (Lynnwood), Bayview Farm and Garden (Langley), Molbaks Nursery (Woodinville), 21 Acres (Woodinville) and Wells Medina Nursery (Medina). If you are a retail outlet interested in our organic seed rack program, please contact us at deepharvest@gmail.com.

We plan to have an online store ready for sales by winter 2017/2018, so stay tuned!!!



  • Deep Harvest Seeds are Certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture
  • Our varieties are 100% open-pollinated, non-GMO
    and chosen based on their ability to thrive in the climate and soils of the Pacific Northwest. They are suitable for both gardeners and market farmers alike.
  • We only select seed from the most vigorous, disease-resistant and tasty plants, further adapting these varieties to the unique needs of regional growers.
  • The vast majority of our seed is grown on our own farm on Whidbey Island. This year we purchased a handful of varieties from other regional organic seed growers.
  • All of our seed and packets meet the germination and labeling requirements of the WSDA Seed Program.

Here are a few of our 2017 varieties:

Panisse Lettuce
Winter Bloomsdale Spinach
Shiraz Beet
Island Market Broccoli
Pink Beauty Radish
Scotia Tomato
Soraya Sunflower

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