Bellingham Blue Sweet Corn


Packet (~100 seeds)

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This variety made its first public appearance at the 2009 Bellingham Seed Swap, given by an elder who had been saving it for decades. Suffering from inbreeding depression, it was later crossed with Golden Bantam, which reinvigorated the variety while maintaining the iconic blue color. Possibly a cousin of the similar “Hooker’s Sweet”. The ears can be harvested yellow to light blue as a sweet corn. Or, let the ears dry down to a deep blue/black color for blue cornmeal. Produces multiple 4-7” ears per stalk. Early ripening ears on compact plants.

Days to Maturity: 80-90

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed in May or when soil temperature has
exceeded 60°, or start indoors two weeks beforehand.
Seeding depth: 1/2″. Seeding rate: 4″, thin or
transplant to 8-12″. Row spacing: 36″