Coral Escarole




Once the tender lettuces and Asian greens have frozen out it’s nice to have a back-up ingredient for your winter salads. Coral is one of our favorite escaroles, with its dense, medium-green, flat heads, and juicy, thick leaves. In addition to fresh salads, it’s also traditionally cooked in Italian wedding soup. We like harvesting it after a light frost, which causes its leaves to sweeten up. A commercial standard in the 1990’s that then fell off the map for years. Thankfully, Frank Morton at Wild Garden Seed has helped maintain and reintroduce this variety to masses.

Days to Maturity: 70

Planting Instructions:
Plant late spring through early fall. Optimal soil
temp for germination is 70-85°. Planting depth:
1/8”. For full heads, start indoors 4 weeks before
desired transplant then plant at 12-18” spacing
or direct seed every inch and thin to same spacing.

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1g (~200 seeds) – $3.75, 7g – $7