Zeppelin Delicata Winter Squash


(Packet ~ 20 seeds)

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An excellent, high-yielding strain of Delicata, maintained and improved by Frank Morton’s crew at Wild Garden Seed. Plants produce several large fruits, averaging 1-2 lbs. The flavor is sweet, and the texture smooth and creamy. Drier than an acorn squash but moister than kabocha. No need to peel these beauties, as the thin skin is delicious when cooked to golden brown. Yellow fruits with green stripes that turn orange during storage. Not great for long term keeping into winter.

Days to Maturity: 90-100 days

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed in early May or start indoors 3 weeks before
transplant. Optimal soil temperature for germination is
75-85°. Seeding depth:1/2”. Plant spacing: 18-36”.
Row Spacing: 5-6 ft