About Us

Deep Harvest Farm is a certified-organic vegetable, seed and flower farm in Freeland, WA on Whidbey Island. Run by Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot, the farm focuses on year-round vegetable production, taking extra steps to use ecological soil management practices such as minimal tillage, the use of compost and cover cropping.

As we head into our sixth year of farming on Whidbey Island we continue to expand our farm business and will be selling produce and seed through the following outlets:


  • A  50-member, 17-week farm Summer Farm Share program from June through September
  • A 60-member, 10-week “Cool Season” Farm Share Program from October through December
  • The Bayview Farmers Market from late April through October
  • Local restaurants and caterers including Gordons, The Braeburn, and Kalakala.
  • Greens and root crops to the  Good Cheer Food Bank Oct-Dec.
  • Deep Harvest Farm Organic Seed packets at Sky Nursery, Bayview Farm and Garden, West Seattle Nursery and Skagit Country Stores in Freeland and Stanwood.
  • Several seed crops for wholesale to other companies such as High Mowing Seeds,  Adaptive Seeds and Restoration Seeds.

Contact Us:

Mail: PO BOX 515 Freeland, WA 98249

E-mail: deepharvest@gmail.com

Phone: 360-320-2560


  • Photo by Annie Mulligan
    Photo by Annie Mulligan