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Organic Seed from the Pacific Northwest

Deep Harvest Farm is a certified-organic vegetable, seed and flower farm on Whidbey Island in Washington State.  We focus on three-season vegetable production as well as growing over 90 varieties of Certified Organic, Open-Pollinated, & Non-GMO seed crops. The vast majority of our seeds are grown here at Deep Harvest Farm, while the rest are grown by other reputable Certified Organic growers in the Pacific Northwest.  Ecological soil management techniques such as minimal tillage and the use of composts and cover crops are our guiding principles, and we’re constantly seeking opportunities to learn from the land, soil and seeds.  We get excited each season to build pollinator and wildlife habitat by expanding native hedgerows, planting orchards and cultivating various perennial flowering crops.

Learn more about why we’re so committed to growing northwest-adapted, organic seed, and be sure to check out the details on our 3 season, organic CSA Farm Share program.  Thanks so much for supporting farm-direct, 100% organic seed, produce and flowers!

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An image of Deep Harvest Farm that provides seeds to the northwest.