Holy Basil – Temperate Tulsi


Packet = ~ 200 seeds


A powerfully aromatic herb, blending sweet and spice, with hints of chocolate. Also known as “Kapoor Tusli”, this strain was sourced from Strictly Medicinals, an Oregon-based seed company specializing in medicinal herbs for temperate climates.  Originating in East Africa, Holy Basi has been beloved in India for millennia as an Ayruvedic herb with great medicinal and ceremonial importance. It is now grown globally, commonly used as a health-promoting tea rich in essential oils, vitamins, and other immune-enhancing properties. We fell in love with this plant, being drawn in by its undeniable aroma from across the field. Despite it’s tropical origins, Holy Basil thrives in our temperate NW climate, growing large attractive plants with small leaves and a profusion of purple flowers. Bees love it too!

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed or transplant Genovese after last frost. Optimal soil temperature is 70-90°. Seeding depth: 1/4”. For large plants transplant at or thin to 12”. For smaller plants seed and thin to 2-8”. Row space: 12-18”.

All of our seed is Non-GMO and Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. We grow the majority of our varieties here at Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island while we purchase the rest from other small, organic Northwest seed growers. Finally, all of our offerings are open-pollinated (OP) so that you too can save and share seed from these plants!