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For years, we searched for an open-pollinated sweet corn with early maturity, strong emergence in cool-soils and excellent flavor. New Mama is the full package. Medium to large, well-filled ears with yellow kernels that hold their sweetness long after picking. This is one of the first truly super sweet (sh2), open-pollinated sweet corns out there, bred by the folks at Adaptive Seeds. They selected it from crosses made between a Tim Peters super sweet called White Sugar and an early release yellow super sweet from Friedemann Ebner of Sativa Rheinau in Switzerland. Another wonderful example of the never-ending, multigenrational power of plant breeding. 

Days to Maturity: 80-90

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed in May or when soil temperature has
exceeded 60°, or start indoors two weeks beforehand.
Seeding depth: 1/2″. Seeding rate: 4″, thin or
transplant to 8-12″. Row spacing: 36″


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