Standard Arugula




Your traditional arugula, with long, dark, lobed leaves. A bit spicier than Astro, with thicker leaves that better resist wilting in the hot sun and on a farmers market stand.  Milder and very tender as a baby green, gaining more spice with maturity. Nutty flavored flowers are often used to top salads or stir-fries

Days to Maturity: 20 to baby, 40 to full size

Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked.
Plant every 2 weeks for continued harvest.
Planting Depth: 1/4.” Seeding rate: 4-5 per inch.
Row spacing: 12” for bunching, 5” for baby leaf.

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Packet (450 seeds) – $3.75, 8g – $7.00, 1oz – $15