Bellesque Frisee




A cool-season salad green with excellent loft, crisp texture and full flavor. Can be grown as a baby green but also forms beautiful, large heads with green frilly leaves and blanched hearts. Gains a bit of sweetness with cool temperatures, especially after a light frost. Named for Bellingham, WA, where John Navazio selected this variety for cold-hardiness. A staple in our fall CSA and a key ingredient for lyonnaise salad.

Days to Maturity: 60

Planting Instructions:
Plant late spring through early fall. Optimal soil
temp for germination is 70-85°. Planting depth:
1/8”. For full heads – start indoors 4 weeks before
desired transplant then plant at 12-18” spacing
or direct seed every inch and thin to same spacing.

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.6g (~250 seeds) – $3.75, 5g – $8