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Sugar Snap Pea – Cascadia




This is the ultimate Pacific Northwest snap pea. Incredibly productive 3′ plants with plump 3″ pods. These peas are the sweetest we’ve tasted, holding their juicy crunch for weeks on the vine. Bred by Dr Baggett of OSU for resistance to Fusarium, Powdery Mildew and Mosaic Virus. Cascadia has more compact vines than Sugar Snap, but still benefits from trellising. Allow peas to completely fatten up for maximum flavor. We keep searching the land for another snap pea to add to our catalog, but nothing seems to come close to Cascadia. 

Days to Maturity: 65

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow in early spring. Will germinate with soils
as low as 40°F. Seeding depth: 1”.
Seeding rate: 1”. Row spacing 4-6”.
Provide 4-6ft. trellis for plants to climb.

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