With its mild flavor, fast growth rate and crisp texture, Mizuna is the bedrock ingredient of any Deep Harvest salad mix.  Elegant and long, bright green, deeply-serrated leaves with striking thin white stems; it is perfect standing alone on a plate or in combination with Ruby Streaks and Tatsoi. Harvest as a baby salad green or fully mature for bunching and stir-frying.

Days to Maturity: 20 to baby, 40 to full size

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked or start indoors 2 weeks before transplant. Seeding depth: ¼”. Full-sized plants: transplant 8-12” apart with 12-24” between rows. Baby leaf: direct seed 4 seeds/inch with 5” between rows.

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Packet (1g, 400 seeds) – $3.75, 8g – $7.00