Spinach – Norfolk




One of the best parts of this farm gig is conducting variety trials. In addition to the dozens of our own Deep Harvest trials, every year we participate with Organic Seed Alliance to conducted a few trials with the NOVIC project. The Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative involves dozens of farms across all northern U.S. growing areas that seeks to determine which varieties perform best in our cool climate and to evaluate new breeding material coming out of various universities and companies. In 2020 we participated in a NOVIC spinach trial, looking at disease resistant spinach with high vigor, attractiveness and good bunch-ability. (We like harvest mature spinach plants for bunching rather than cut-and-come-again baby leaves, as it’s a big CSA time-saver and results in better spinach flavor). This is all to say that Norfolk rocked all of these categories, winning an esteemed position in our catalog. Dark green, saved leaves with thick, non-brittle stems and great flavor.