Sweet Pea – Blue Celeste


Packet = 25-30 seeds


Lovely, powder-blue and highly perfumed blooms. These uncommonly blue colored beauties sit atop long sturdy stems on 5-6’ tall plants making them great for cutting. Winner of our 2022 sweet pea trials thanks to their abundant flowers, alluring fragrance and awe-inspiring hue. Blue Celeste Sweet Pea is an elegant, productive, and a favorite of spring. Pollinators love them too!

Days to Maturity: 80
Latin name: Lathyrus oderatus
Life cycle for seed saving: annual

Planting Instructions: Soak Blue Celeste Sweet Pea for 24 hours prior to planting to improve germination. Direct sow, or start indoors, 4-6 before last frost date, or as soon as soil can be worked. Provide trellising for support, as plants will climb 6′. Planting Depth: 1/4″-1/2″. Seeding Rate: 1″; Thin to 2-4 inches after germination.

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All of our seed is Non-GMO and Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. We grow the majority of our varieties here at Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island while we purchase the rest from other small, organic Northwest seed growers. Finally, all of our offerings are open-pollinated (OP) so that you too can save and share seed from these plants!