True Siberian Kale


Packet (~240 seeds)

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Massive, tender, and ruffly leaves on juicy green stems. Our most vigorous kale by far and a favorite of farmer friends in the Puget Sound AND Midwest! Great year round, but exceptional over-wintered for its impressive early-season leaf and raab production. Apparently flood tolerant, as we produced a hearty seed crop from plants that sat in standing water all winter long. Props to Adaptive Seeds for introducing us to this gem.

Days to Maturity: 25 to baby, 60 to full size

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow or transplant as soon as soil temps are above 45°.
Seeding depth: ¼”. Seeding rate for baby leaf: 3-4 seeds/inch.
If starting indoors, transplant at 12-18”.
Row spacing: 18-30” for full size.