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Lettuce – Vulcan




A standout variety for it’s dark red color, lime great hearts and ruffled appearance. Crisper in texture than most red leaf varieties and with a great, mild flavor. Holds well in the field, resisting bolting in high heat. An excellent choice for both organic field production or home gardening. Introduced by Sakata Seed Company in 1987.

Days to Maturity: 52

Planting Instructions:
Plant spring through early fall. Optimal soil temperature
for germination is 70-85°. Planting depth: 1/8”.
Full heads – start indoors and transplant at 12”,
or direct seed every inch and thin to 12”.
Baby leaf- seed 4-5/inch with 5” between rows.

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Packet (5g, ~300 seeds) – $3.90, 2g – $7.00