Eryngium – Blue Glitter



Aka Sea Holly. If you’re a fan of bees (and I know you are), you’ll easily woo them into your world with this bee-utiful bee-dazzler (see what I did there?). Blue glitter’s spikey, unique silvery-blue orbs will gladly serve as a distinctive bouquet filler or just a pollinator party place. It was bred for the cut flower industry, but is bee-loved (I can’t stop) by all who know it. Perennial, but will bloom in year one if you start it good and early.

Days to Maturity: ~150
Latin name: Eryngium planum
Life Cycle: 

Planting Instructions:
Start indoors (highly recommended) 2-3 months before last frost. Ideal temperature for germination is 72-75°.
PLANTING DEPTH: Sow on surface as light is required for germination.