Nigella – Exotica



Aptly named as this is indeed one of the most exotic looking varieties we’ve grown. Nigella Exotica has long lasting blue-lavender flowers with stunning crimson stamens on 18-24″ plants. Lacy foliage and pointy blossoms add unique texture to bouquets. Horned, balloon-shaped seedpods are beautiful dried. Nigella, also known as “Love-in-a-Mist”, is one of our favorite flowers to grow. 

Planting Instructions: 75-80
Latin name: Nigella damascena
Life cycle for seed saving: Annual

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow Nigella Exotica in early spring. Optimal soil temp. for germination is 65-70°. Planting depth: press seeds onto surface. Do not cover, keep moist until germination. Thin to 12″.

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All of our seed is Non-GMO and Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. We grow the majority of our varieties here at Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island while we purchase the rest from other small, organic Northwest seed growers. Finally, all of our offerings are open-pollinated (OP) so that you too can save and share seed from these plants!

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Packet (0.3g, ~100 seeds) – $4.25, 2 g – $9.00