Beet – Feuer Kugel



Feuer Kugel won our hearts in our 2011 open-pollinated red beet trial and has been a staple in our CSA and at farmers market ever since. Notable for its sweet flavor, deep-red color, smooth roots and excellent greens as well as its impressively vigorous growth. Outperforms the standard Red Ace in our cool, wet spring fields. German for “Fire Ball”, this is an excellent, all-season variety.

Days to Maturity: 57
Latin Name: Beta vulgaris
Life Cycle for Seed Saving: Biennial

Planting Instructions:
Direct seed Feuer Kugel Beet as soon as soil can be worked. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 55-75°. Planting Depth: 1/2-3/4”. Plant every inch, thin to 2-4”, depending on desired size. Row spacing: 12-24”.

All of our seed is Non-GMO and Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. We grow the majority of our varieties here at Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island while we purchase the rest from other small, organic Northwest seed growers. Finally, all of our offerings are open-pollinated (OP) so that you too can save and share seed from these plants!

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Packet (3.5g, ~200 seeds) – $4.25, 1/2 oz – $10, 1oz – $15, 1/4 lb – $32