Feuer Kugel Beet




This was the big winner in our 2011 variety trial with several other open-pollinated red beets and has been a staple in our CSA and farmers market ever since. Notable for its sweet flavor, deep red, smooth roots and excellent greens. Out-performs the commercial standard Red Ace F1 in our cool, wet spring fields. This is an excellent, all-season variety, and a bit quicker to mature than Shiraz. German for “Fire Ball”.

Days to Maturity: 60

Planting Instructions:

Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked.
Optimal soil temperature for germination is
55-75°. Planting Depth: 1/2-3/4”. Plant every
inch, thin to 2-4”, depending on desired size.
Row spacing: 12-24”.

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Packet (3.5g, ~200 seeds) – $3.75, 12g – $7, 1oz – $15