Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard


Packet (~120 seeds)



A classic, heirloom chard with thick white stems and dark green leaves, growing 2.5’ above the ground. Incredibly vigorous, thriving in a wide range of temperatures and soils. We pick this chard will into December, as it survives the frost better than any other variety we grow. Fordhook Farm was the name of Burbee Seed Company’s research farm from 1750 to 1980.

Days to Maturity: 30 to baby, 60 to full size

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow or transplant as soon as soil temps are above 45°.
Seeding depth: ¼”. Seeding rate for baby leaf: 3-4 seeds/inch.
If starting indoors, transplant at 12-18”.
Row spacing: 18-30” for full size.

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Packet (3g, ~120 seeds) – $3.75, 13g – $9