Lettuce – Red Iceberg


Packet = ~300 seeds


The only truly-Red Iceberg Lettuce on the market worthy of your precious garden space. We were giddy to discover this gem in the Seed Saver’s catalog. We admit that we wrote off iceberg lettuce for years, as it was hard to move past its reputation of bland ubiquity (think every restaurant chain salad bar, school cafeteria, and airplane meal you’ve ever encountered). But then one day we actually grew our own and were swept up in a wave of crunchy, refreshing nostalgia. And you can feel good knowing the red leaves are packed with antioxidants! Red Iceberg Lettuce- the absolute best on a hot summer day.

Days to Maturity: 65
Latin name: 
Lactuca sativa
Life cycle for seed saving:

Planting Instructions:
Plant Red Iceberg Lettuce Spring through early Fall. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 70-85°. Planting depth: 1/8”. Full heads – start indoors and transplant at 12”, or direct seed every inch and thin to 12”. Baby leaf- seed 4-5/inch with 5” between rows.

All of our seed is Non-GMO and Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. We grow the majority of our varieties here at Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island while purchasing the rest from other small, organic Northwest seed growers. Finally, all of our offerings are open-pollinated (OP) so that you too can save and share seed from these plants!