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The keys to Hap-pea-ness

Believe it or not, here on Whidbey Island it’s still a bit early to get your garden going, however, planting time is indeed drawing neigh.  Let’s start visualizing what we’re going to put in the soil once it gets over 50 degrees. Snap peas! Snow peas and Shelling peas, oh my! Yes p(l)eas(e). These tasty and productive garden treasures are more than happy to be the first veggies to get growing.  What brave, little gems they are! Here at Deep Harvest, we give our pea seeds extra TLC by soaking them 8-12 hours prior to planting, which allows them to plump up in the comforts of your home.  Once in the ground, they’ll reward your extra attention by springing up faster than non-soaked seed.  Just fill a jar about a 1/3 of the way with seeds, cover with water, soak overnight, drain, and plant.  Easy-peasy!
Once in the ground, peas will still need your support.  I know they’re needy, but also lovable, so we happily comply.  It’s time to plot your trellising tactic.  One farmer friend supports a six-foot tall roll of chicken wire between t-posts and lets the peas weave themselves throughout it.   At the end of the season, she burns the dead vines to clean the wire and rolls it up to use year after year.  Brilliant! Some home gardener pals plant peas against chain-link fencing, which works well, as long as it’s at least 5 feet tall.  Here, we use the one and only Florida Weave to coral our 2000+ feet of peas.  How does that work? Well, we plant two rows of peas 10 inches apart.  Then we pound t-posts in the ground every 10-15 feet between the rows and wind twine on the posts 6 inches above the ground for peas to grab for support. Every week, thereafter, we sandwich the fast-growing, new shoots in between two lines of twine which we loop around each t-post, always cinching tightly once a t-post is reached.  This is a quick, cheap, and effective trellising technique for tomatoes as well.  For you visual learners, here’s a short youtube to clarify any confusion I’ve created:
And if you’ve yet to purchase your pea seeds, we’d be elated to hook you up.  We’ve got super delectable, tried and true, organic, NW adapted varieties for a your fresh-eating and stir-frying pleasure. It’s (almost) grow time! Click the images below to be directed to our pea store!Organic, Non-GMO Snap Pea Seed