Red Arrow Purple Sprouting Broccoli


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Purple Sprouting Broccoli has been gaining popularity in years among Pacific NW farmers and chefs, and for good reason. It is a  rare and delicious marketable crop during March-May, when few other vegetables are able to produce food. Red Arrow produces loads of bright purple florets that keep on coming for weeks on end. The plants are incredibly cold hardy, even for PSB standards, and  easily survived our two-week Snow-pocalypse of Feb 2019. Sow seeds in mid-late summer for harvest the following March. It’s worth the wait!!! This variety was recommend to us by Adaptive Seeds, who trialed several OPs and Hybrids before settling on Red Arrow.

Days to Maturity: 220

Planting Instructions: Direct seed or transplant mid-late summer for harvest the following March-April. Smaller plants going into winter are more cold hardy but will yield less in the spring. Optimal soil temp for germination is 65-75°. Seeding depth: 1⁄4”. Transplant or thin to 18-24”. Row spacing: 24″