Red Core Chantenay Carrot

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Heirloom! This carrot has stood the test of time lots of reasons. These summer and fall roots can get absolutely enormous if thinned to 3-4″ (ever seen a two-pound carrot??). The size belies its great taste, both fresh, cooked and canned, a taste that carrot breeder John Navazio describes as complex, “good old fashioned carrot flavor.” These wedge-shaped, other-worldly beauties make fun conversation pieces at market. The perfect antidote to the deluge of watery, sugar-stick hybrids on the market.

Days to Maturity: 75

Planting Instructions: 
Direct sow in full sun as soon as soil can be worked
through mid-July. Optimal soil temperature for
germination is 65-75°F. Keep soil moist.
Seeding depth: 1/8”. Seeding rate: 2-3 seeds/inch
and thin to 2-4” depending on desired size. Row spacing 18”.

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Packet (~550 seeds) – $3.50, 5g – $7.00